R. C. McDowell

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The JavaScript Programming Basics lab series presents elementary programming concepts using the JavaScript language. In particular, it introduces variables, functions, and event handlers, conditions, loops, arrays, decision trees, sequential search, and selection sort. Students build three different web pages or programs: a guestbook, an "expert advice(More)
We present a probabilistic model checking approach for evaluating the safety and operational suitability of the Airborne Collision Avoidance System X (ACAS X). This system issues advisories to pilots when the risk of mid-air collision is imminent, and is expected to be equipped on all large, piloted aircraft in the future. We developed an approach to(More)
We examine three approaches to operational semantics: transition semantics, natural semantics, and reduction semantics. First we compare the style and expressive power of the three forms of semantics by using them to construct semantics for various language features. Program abortion, interleaving, and block structure particularly distinguish the three.(More)
The security of computer networks is critical to our nation's civil and military infrastructure. Eliminating vulnerabilities in network software will significantly improve security of our computer and military systems. The Automatic Generation of Network Element Software (AGNES) code generator will generate network element software that is free from known(More)
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