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The MODerate resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) aboard both NASA's Terra and Aqua satellites is making near global daily observations of the earth in a wide spectral range (0.41 to 15 µm). These measurements are used to derive spectral aerosol optical thickness and aerosol size parameters over both land and ocean. The aerosol products available(More)
Controversy exists about the value of antibiotic therapy following incision and drainage of cutaneous abscess. We undertook a randomized double-blind study to clarify the controversy. Adult patients with cutaneous abscesses who received outpatient surgical therapy were entered into the study. Following incision and drainage, patients received cephradine or(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate a comprehensive diagnostic 9-hour evaluation (Heart ER Program) for patients with possible acute ischemic coronary syndromes. DESIGN Retrospective review of consecutive patients. SETTING Urban tertiary care emergency department. PARTICIPANTS A total of 1,010 patients with symptoms suggestive of acute ischemic coronary(More)
We evaluated the efficacy of constant intravenous (IV) phenytoin infusion. Thirty-eight patients were evaluated prospectively for complications of continuous-infusion phenytoin loading. A total dose of 18 mg/kg was administered as a solution of 500 mg phenytoin in 50 mL normal saline using a constant infusion pump. The initial delivery rate was 40 mg/min.(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the potential cost savings of the emergency-department (ED) diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction (AMI) and other myocardial ischemia using a nine- hour ED evaluation protocol. METHODS This one-year study of chest-pain evaluation unit (CPEU) patient charges was undertaken at two midwestern urban university hospital EDs. Included in(More)
The clinical effects of carbon monoxide in humans have been well studied and described. Carboxyhemoglobin levels usually correlate with the degree of symptomatology; however, some investigators have noted that there may be a wide disparity between absolute carboxyhemoglobin levels and clinical status. A case is reported here of a young man with a(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that residency-trained emergency physicians who left the practice of emergency medicine do not differ significantly from those who continue to practice. DESIGN A retrospective cohort study using a mailed questionnaire. TYPE OF PARTICIPANTS Eight hundred fifty-eight emergency medicine residency graduates from 1978(More)
This study investigated the natural history and treatment of cutaneous abscesses in an outpatient setting. Incision, drainage, aerobic and anaerobic cultures were done on all 78 patients entered in the study. Tenderness and fluctuance were noted in more than 80% of the patients; erythema and induration in more than 60%. Forty-one percent of all abscesses(More)