R. C. Khandelwal

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Image Fusion is one of the major research fields in image processing. Image fusion process can be defined as the integration of information from a number of registered images without the introduction of distortion. It is often not possible to get an image that contains all relevant objects in focus. One way to overcome this problem is image fusion, in which(More)
Image fusion is finding its application in all spheres of life like medical, military, geological etc. The aim of Image fusion is to combine the information of same scene images taken from different sensors or the images with focus on different objects. Fused image is more informative and better in quality. In this paper, a hybrid technique is developed and(More)
Contrast Enhancement involves enhancement of images such that the visibility of images increases. Contrast enhancement of images is used for a variety of applications such as in medical field, image enhances software's. Although there are various techniques implemented for the enhancement of images such as using non-dynamic stochastic resonance [1].(More)
The ancient documents provides huge amount of information about the past, inventions and manuscripts which should be protected cautiously. These documents store a noteworthy amount of human heritage over time. However, many environmental factors which degrade the documents severely. A key step in all image processing is image binarization. Here the image is(More)
Intervarietal crosses in watermelon, Citrullus lanatus (Thunb.) Mansf., involving six parents with black (J18-1 and J 75), brown (J56-1 and N.H. Midget), red (Bykovski-199) or light cream (Red Nectar) seed-coat colour were made. Parents, F1, F2 and backcross populations were evaluated for their phenotypic expressions with regard to the seed-coat colours(More)
Image enhancement is the indispensable features in image processing to increase the contrast of the remote sensing data and to provide better transform representation of the remote image data. This paper presents a new method to improve the contrast and intensity of the image data. The method employs that the discrete wavelet transform with Kernel adaptive(More)
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