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At least 16 fragments were detected in images of comet C/1999 S4 (LINEAR) taken on 5 August 2000 with the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) and on 6 August with the Very Large Telescope (VLT). Photometric analysis of the fragments indicates that the largest ones have effective spherical diameters of about 100 meters, which implies that the total mass in the(More)
Five drugs [(-)- and (+)-nicotine, (-)-lobeline, (-)-anabasine and (-)-cytisine] were infused IV into the urethane-pentobarbital anesthetized rat. Changes in heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, minute and tidal volume, which appeared to be largely centrally mediated, were studied. Each of these compounds produced different pharmacologic profiles.(More)
When the body temperature of pentobarbitalized dogs was lowered, by surface-immersion technique, to 27 degrees -26 degrees C, elevations in serum glutamic oxalacetic transaminase were found only after a period of prolonged hypothermia (12 hours). When the animals were rewarmed, serum levels returned to normal. Histologic study of organs rich in glutamic(More)
The NICMOS detectors have significant sensitivity variation across individual pixels, and particularly at the pixel edges. This variation is different for each pixel. While this variation causes an overall loss of sensitivity in cameras that oversample the point-spread function (PSF), it can result in significant photometric errors when the PSF is(More)
This paper presents new J and K s near-infrared data obtained from observations of the Chandra Deep Field South (CDF-S) conducted at the ESO 3.5m New Technology Telescope (NTT). These data were taken as part of the ongoing Deep Public Survey (DPS) being carried out by the ESO Imaging Survey (EIS) program, extending the EIS-DEEP survey. Combined these(More)
Delayed onset of carbon monoxide encephalopathy may present to a psychiatrist as a functional illness in patients with a psychiatric history. Early detection is important as increased activity is antitherapeutic. A case report is described in which there was initial difficulty in confirming the diagnosis. New treatment approaches that might well prove(More)
  • I Preliminary, Results M Nonino, +17 authors R Slijkhuis
  • 2008
This paper presents the preliminary results of the ESO Imaging Survey (EIS), a public survey being carried out by ESO and member states, in preparation for the VLT first-light. The survey goals, organization, strategy and observations are discussed and an overview is given of the survey pipeline developed to handle EIS data and produce object catalogs. A(More)
Four distinguishable nicotinic binding sites have been identified as well as four nicotinic ligands with different specificities: (+/-)-2-methylpiperidine which binds to a very high affinity site (Site 1) and produces up-regulation of the high affinity site (Site 2); (-)-nicotine which binds to Site 1 and Site 2 as well as to a low affinity site (Site 4);(More)