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In the Netherlands, the postal code is needed to study hospitalizations of individuals in the nationwide hospitalization register. Studying hospitalizations longitudinally becomes troublesome if individuals change address. We aimed to report on the feasibility and validity of a two-step medical record linkage approach to examine longitudinal trends in(More)
Hospitalization rates over time of childhood cancer survivors (CCS) provide insight into the burden of unfavorable health conditions on CCS and health care resources. The objective of our study was to examine trends in hospitalizations of CCS and risk factors in comparison with the general population. We performed a medical record linkage study of a cohort(More)
The information centre of the Emma Children's Hospital AMC (EKZ AMC) is a specialised information centre where paediatric patients and persons involved with the patient can ask questions about all aspects of disease and its social implications. The aim of the study was to evaluate the question-answer service of this information centre in order to determine(More)
PURPOSES The development of a national protocol to formalize the screening of Dutch cancer survivors on potential late cancer treatment effects and the medical terminology used in describing the patient follow up procedures. METHODS A combined evidence-based and qualitative approach, the Glaser's State of the Art Strategy, was used to reach consensus on(More)
Due to more effective treatment protocols, seventy percent of patients with childhood cancer in the Netherlands nowadays have a five years survival. Long term follow up, however, shows that these treatment protocols leave seventy to eighty percent of these patients with adverse outcomes 1,2,3. Preserving treatment details and data on adverse long term(More)
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