R. C. Heidt

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To satisfy the single-sideband amplitude-modulated system noise requirements, the transmitter must be very linear. Predistortion reduces intermodulation distortion of the transmitter to acceptable levels. This paper deals with the design considerations, the model of the transmitter used to analyze third-order intermodulation products, and the methods(More)
This paper describes the amplifier for the AR6A radio transmitter, which consists of a Traveling-Wave Tube (TWT), its magnetic focus system, and driving power supply. The amplification of single-sideband modulated signals requires an unusually low intermodulation noise level and relatively low thermal noise power at the amplifier output. Further, owing to(More)
This paper describes the essential features and the performance of the AR6A microwave transmitter and receiver. Subsystems that are major contributors to repeater noise are explained in detail. Design objectives for each of these units are given and compared to typical results obtained from measurements. Transmitter linearity was improved substantially(More)
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