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The onset of argyria following the use of dietary supplements containing colloidal silver protein is presented. The patient was using a silver-containing product for cold and allergy prophylaxis. We review the past and present medicinal roles of silver and include a differential diagnosis for argyria. The hyperpigmentation of argyria is usually permanent,(More)
A growing body of literature has identified the association between neutrophilic dermatoses and multifocal, aseptic bone lesions in children, termed chronic recurrent multifocal osteomyelitis (CRMO). Classically, patients present with swelling, pain, and impaired mobility of the affected area, with skin lesions developing concurrently or in the future. Bone(More)
Head lice infestations affect millions of people in the United States. Children become infested more often than adults and account for the largest percentage of infestations. Head lice have not been shown to transfer disease, and they are not associated with serious morbidity. The most common effect of lice infestation is pruritus of the scalp with(More)
Pityriasis rubra pilaris (PRP) is an idiopathic papulosquamous disease that clinically presents with palmoplantar keratoderma and follicular hyperkeratotic papules that coalesce into scaly erythematous plaques. We report a unique case of atypical PRP beginning at 1 year of age with associated severe arthropathy and osteoporosis. We further discuss the(More)
OBJECTIVE The study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of digital photography for dermatologic diagnoses and compare it with in-person diagnoses. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients referred for specialty consultations (n = 308) were recruited from a university dermatology clinic. Patients were examined in-person by one of three board-certified(More)
An estimated 6 to 12 million head lice infestations occur in the United States annually, with children ages 3 to 12 most likely to be affected. There are significant direct costs associated with treatment and indirect costs due to lost time from school. Anecdotal reports suggest that direct costs of treatment are in the hundreds of millions of dollars(More)
The immunoarchitecture of five cutaneous pseudolymphomas was studied by staining serial sections for T- and B-cell and dendritic reticulum cell (DRC) antigens with monoclonal antibodies, and compared with that of reactive lymph nodes and cutaneous lymphoma. In four cases compartmentalization of B and T cells was observed, analogous to findings in reactive(More)
A 10-year-old boy had a two-year history of a rotten fish odor, noted particularly in the summer after exercise. The odor was partially controlled by frequent bathing. Dietary history was unremarkable except for large daily milk intake. Milk elimination resulted in a prompt disappearance of the odor. Studies of the patient's urine after choline loading(More)