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Many universities both in Australia and overseas are increasingly transferring courses and programs at both graduate and undergraduate level into fully interactive online environments. Online learning and teaching requires different and complimentary skill sets on the part of university teachers. Very little has been documented thus far in regard to(More)
This article is proposing a useful summary of tuning rules for controllers that have been developed for electric drives. The paper gives application information about tuning rules and discusses controller architecture and performance indices. These strategies are used for comparing performance and controller techniques robustness, which are analyzed and(More)
The professional Electronic Leadership Portfolio (ELP) is an effective method for the promotion of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the educational arena, both as a model for aspiring leaders and as a model for the necessary development of skills in teachers. Furthermore, the ELP provides a framework for future measurement of leadership(More)
Token-ring LANs defined by the IEEE 802.5 and American National Standards Institute X3T9.5 Committees are considered. The author addresses several myths surrounding token-ring networks and offers supporting technical evidence to the contrary. He discusses token-ring protocols, the star-wired configuration, ring access via tokens, multiplexing of ring(More)
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