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Pyrometric measurements of single-shock-compressed liquid deuterium reveal that shock front temperatures T increase from 0.47 to 4.4 eV as the pressure P increases from 31 to 230 GPa. Where deuterium becomes both conducting and highly compressible, 30< or =P< or =50 GPa, T is lower than most models predict and T<<T(Fermi), proving that deuterium is a(More)
We investigated the fringe visibility produced by a Mach-Zehnder interferometer illuminated by a collisionally pumped yttrium x-ray laser operating at 15.5 nm. Fringe visibility varied as a function both of relative path delay and of relative spatial overlap of the beams. This visibility information was extracted quantitatively from several interferograms(More)
Laser generated shock reflectance data show that diamond undergoes a continuous transition from optically absorbing to reflecting between Hugoniot pressures 600<P(H)<1000 GPa. The data are consistent with diamond having a thermal population of carriers at P(H) approximately 600 GPa, undergoing band overlap metallization at P(H) approximately 1000 GPa and(More)
We present equation of state points for iron, in the pressure range 10-45 Mbar, the first obtained with laser-driven shock waves. The experiment has been performed with the high energy laser Phebus, optically smoothed with Kinoform phase plates. Our results double the set of existing experimental data at very high pressures showing good agreement with the(More)
We have used a soft-x-ray laser interferometer to study the collision and subsequent interaction of counterstreaming high-density plasmas. The measured density profiles show the evolution of the colliding plasmas from interpenetration, when the low-density edge of the plasmas first collide, to stagnation at the symmetry plane with density building at the(More)
The use of short laser pulses to generate very high brightness, ultra short (fs to ps) x-ray pulses is a topic of great interest. In principle, femtosecond-scale pump-probe experiments can be used to temporally resolve structural dynamics of materials on the time scale of atomic motion. The development of sub–ps x-ray pulses will make possible a wide range(More)
The development of multilayer mirror technology capable of operating in the range of 3-30 nm and the construction of thin membranes with excellent uniformity and strength have made it possible to design and implement a Mach-Zehnder interferometer operating at 15.5 nm. We have tested this interferometer by using a soft x-ray laser as a source, and we show(More)
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