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OBJECTIVE The purpose of this work was to evaluate whether education about zinc supplements and provision of zinc supplements to caregivers is effective in the treatment of acute diarrhea and whether this strategy adversely affects the use of oral rehydration salts. PATIENTS AND METHODS Six clusters of 30,000 people each in Haryana, India, were randomly(More)
OBJECTIVES The objectives of this study were to compare attitudes and perceptions of primary health center (PHC) physicians and pediatricians in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar toward polio disease, immunization, and eradication, and to identify barriers to polio eradication. METHODS PHC physicians from blocks with at least one confirmed polio case during January(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if educating caregivers in providing zinc supplements to infants < 6 months old with acute diarrhoea is effective in treating diarrhoea and preventing acute lower respiratory infections (ALRIs), and whether it leads to a decrease in the use of oral rehydration salts (ORS). METHODS In this retrospective subgroup analysis of infants(More)
Absrraer—A class of structures for FIR fiiters is presented, which exhibits reduced coefficient sensitivity and superior roundoff noise properties as compared to the direct form realization. It is shown that using fixed-point arithmetic, these structures achieve the same accuracy and about the, same roundoff noise as those obtained in the floating-point(More)
JUSTIFICATION Mumps, despite being a widely prevalent disease in the country, is considered as an insignificant public health problem mainly because of poor documentation of clinical cases and lack of published studies. In the absence of adequate published data on disease burden, Government of India has recently decided to introduce measles-rubella (MR)(More)