R. Bruce Thompson

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The authors explored mental-state reasoning ability among 72 preschoolers (ages 3-5 years) as a possible developmental mechanism for the well-known social loafing effect: diminished individual effort in a collaborative task. The authors expected that older children would outperform young children on standard mental-state reasoning tests and that they would(More)
A method is described to measure crack opening stresses and closure stress profiles of a surface-breaking crack. Vibration is used to generate frictional heat by rubbing crack face asperities. Heat is generated at regions of contacting crack asperities under low, but nonzero, closure stress. Increasing force is applied to incrementally open the crack and(More)
A B S T R A C T Vibrothermography, or sonic IR, is a nondestructive evaluation technique used to find surface and near surface defects—such as cracks and delaminations—through observations of vibration-induced heat generation. This method has significant interest as an industrial inspection method, however, a lack of understanding of the fundamental physics(More)
Nondestructive evaluation is used widely in many engineering and industrial areas to detect defects or flaws such as cracks inside parts or structures during manufacturing or for products that need to be inspected while in service. The commonly-used standard statistical model for such data is a simple empirical linear regression between the (possibly(More)
The importance of metacognitive language exposure to early educational achievement is widely recognized in the development literature. However, few studies have explored parents' metacognitive language, while accounting for family SES and stress within the parent-child relationship. This is a preliminary descriptive study to explore metacognitive language(More)
This study explored mental state reasoning within the context of group effort and possible differences in development between boys and girls. Preschool children (59 girls, 47 boys) were assessed for theory of mind (ToM) ability using classic false belief tests. Children participated in group effort conditions that alternated from one condition, where(More)
This study explored preschool age and gender differences in help-seeking within the theoretical framework of scaffolded problem-solving and self-regulation (Bruner, 1986; Rogoff, 1990; Vygotsky, 1978; 1986). Within-subject analyses tracked changes in help-seeking among 62 preschoolers (34 boys, 28 girls, mean age 4.22 years) solving a challenging puzzle(More)
  • Ali S Argon, Robert Asaro, Michael I Baskes, John L Bassani, Howard K Birnbaum, Anders E Carlson +17 others
  • 2002
In this report a summary is given of the discussions and recommendations of a panel convened under the auspices of the Council of Materials Sciences for the Division of Materials Sciences, U.S. Department of Energy, to review the present status and future trends of basic research on the fracture of crystalline materials with an emphasis on metallic(More)
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