R. Bruce Thompson

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The interactions between mesophase-forming copolymers and nanoscopic particles can lead to highly organized hybrid materials. The morphology of such composites depends not only on the characteristics of the copolymers, but also on the features of the nanoparticles. To explore this vast parameter space and predict the mesophases of the hybrids, we have(More)
The simulation model VegSyst was calibrated and validated for tomato grown under plastic cover. Calibration was conducted with an autumn–winter soil-grown crop, and validation with five crops with differences in season, cropping media, and site. VegSyst accurately simulated daily dry matter production (DMP), N uptake, and ETc. Comparing simulated and(More)
Evaluation of crop N status will assist optimal N management of intensive vegetable production. Simple procedures for monitoring crop N status such as petiole sap [NO 3(-)-N], leaf N content and soil solution [NO 3(-)] were evaluated with indeterminate tomato and muskmelon. Their sensitivity to assess crop N status throughout each crop was evaluated using(More)
The VegSyst simulation model was developed to assist with N and irrigation management of sweet pepper grown in plastic greenhouses in the Mediterranean Basin. The model was developed for use in an on-farm decision support system with the requirement for readily available input data. Dry matter production (DMP), crop N uptake and crop evapotranspiration(More)
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