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—Surface roughness has a significant effect on the relationship between radar hackscattcr and soil moisture. In order to use cxistinR radar satellite data for soil moisture, roughness effects must be corrected. A technique is presented that utilises Ihe data bases from soil erosion sludies and soil moisture remote sensing investigations to provide firsl(More)
In this paper, the approaches to introducing security policy into Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and the Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA) are proposed. We apply security policy to a role's privileges in RBAC. The extended CDSA supports user-definable trust policy enforcement. Furthermore, a policy description language is discussed.
– The most significant energy consuming infrastructures and the greatest contributors to greenhouse gases for any nation today are electric and freight/passenger transportation systems. Technological alternatives for producing, transporting, and converting energy for electric and transportation systems are numerous. Addressing costs, sustainability, and(More)
Here are some problems with hats. The scenarios are all very similar. At the start there are n people wearing hats. Problem 1 Each hat is black or white. The people are standing in line. Person i can only see which types of hat persons 1, 2,. .. , i−1 are wearing. The inquisitor starts with person n and goes down the line, n, n − 1,. .. , 1 asking each(More)
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