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We developed a novel computer-aided detection (CAD) algorithm called the surface normal overlap method that we applied to colonic polyp detection and lung nodule detection in helical computed tomography (CT) images. We demonstrate some of the theoretical aspects of this algorithm using a statistical shape model. The algorithm was then optimized on simulated(More)
The Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound convened a panel of specialists from a variety of medical disciplines to come to a consensus on the management of thyroid nodules identified with thyroid ultrasonography (US), with particular focus on which nodules should be subjected to US-guided fine needle aspiration and which thyroid nodules need not be(More)
Colorectal cancer can easily be prevented provided that the precursors to tumors, small colonic polyps, are detected and removed. Currently, the only definitive examination of the colon is fiber-optic colonoscopy, which is invasive and expensive. Computed tomographic colonography (CTC) is potentially a less costly and less invasive alternative to FOC. It(More)
An abdominal computed tomographic scan was modified by inserting 10 simulated colonic polyps with use of methods that closely mimic the attenuation, noise, and polyp-colon wall interface of naturally occurring polyps. A shape-based polyp detector successfully located six of the 10 polyps. When settings that enhanced the edge profile of polyps were chosen,(More)
In an effort to distinguish the appearance of generalized uterine adenomyosis from leiomyoma, a retrospective study was performed on 80 patients who had preoperative uterine sonography. A diagnosis of adenomyosis (eight patients) was suggested if the uterus was diffusely enlarged, but the myometrial texture, contour, and central cavity echoes were each(More)
Mucocele of the appendix, a cystic mass resulting from a dilated appendiceal lumen caused by abnormal accumulation of mucus, is a rare entity that often is not considered when problems of the right lower quadrant are assessed. Preoperative recognition of mucocele of the appendix is important because of the possibility of rupture at surgery with development(More)
PURPOSE To determine the prevalence of perforated and nonperforated appendicitis in patients with nonvisualization of the appendix on ultrasound (US) performed for suspected appendicitis, and to evaluate the value of CT in these patients. METHODS We analyzed 400 consecutive patients undergoing US for suspected appendicitis. Of these patients, 260 had(More)
The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy (USFNA) in the cytological diagnosis of nodular thyroid disease. It remains unclear exactly what role USFNA should play in the cytological diagnosis of nodular thyroid disease. All patients who underwent fine-needle aspiration (FNA) for nodular thyroid(More)