R. Brian Potter

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The self-organizing feature map (SOFM or SOM) neural network approach has been applied to a number of life sciences problems. In this paper, we apply SOFMs in predicting the resistance of the HIV virus to Saquinavir, an approved protease inhibitor. We show that a SOFM predicts resistance to Saquinavir with reasonable success based solely on the amino acid(More)
Coherent Hemodynamics Spectroscopy (CHS) is a technique based on inducing cerebral hemodynamic oscillations at multiple frequencies, measuring them with near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), and analyzing them with a hemodynamic model to obtain physiological information such as blood transit times in the microvasculature and the autoregulation cutoff(More)
  • Rubin, Baum, Friedman Demographic Levin, Consultant, Florida Miami, Krupnick +78 others
  • 2015
EXPERIENCE: (Institution) (Rank/Status) Ford Foundation Grant for $100,000 for each of three years (1994-96) with the Cuban American National Council (CNC) to fund the Cuban American Policy Center-this grant could only be funded through CNC and not the University of Miami because it is part of a program to fund non-profit, Hispanic-run, serviceproviding(More)
The past twenty years have seen the emergence and growth of transnationalism as a concept to describe new immigrant identities and communities in a globalised world and international scholars of migration have begun to recognise its significance in helping to explain and better understand contemporary international migration flows, new immigrant identities(More)
Over the past few years, the advent of microarray technology has enabled the simultaneous measurement of the expression levels of thousands of genes. When the expression levels of these genes are measured at multiple time points during an experiment, the result is a temporal expression profile. These expression profiles may be processed to extract the(More)
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