R. Bremananth

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License plate recognition system (LPRS) is a difficult problem in the field of machine vision and is of substantial interest because of its applications to areas such as cross border security, law enforcement and various other automation applications. Previous methods used plate specific details such as aspect ratio, color or dimensions of the plate in the(More)
Visualizing sound and noise often help us to determine an appropriate control over the source localization. Near-field acoustic holography (NAH) is a powerful tool for the ill-posed problem. However, in practice, due to the small finite aperture size, the discrete Fourier transform, FFT based NAH couldn’t predict the activeregion-of-interest (AROI) over the(More)
The dynamic software development organizations optimize the usage of resources to deliver the products in the specified time with the fulfilled requirements. This requires prevention or repairing of the faults as quick as possible. In this paper an approach for predicting the run-time errors in java is introduced. The paper is concerned with faults due to(More)
This paper proposes a person identification system (PID), which works with non-illumination low-resolution eye images. Radial-Scan and threshold methods are used for Iris normalization and Iris segmentation from the eye image respectively. Conventional neural network is used for iris matching. The proposed algorithm works with 96 features of the iris. Space(More)
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