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License plate recognition system (LPRS) is a difficult problem in the field of machine vision and is of substantial interest because of its applications to areas such as cross border security, law enforcement and various other automation applications. Previous methods used plate specific details such as aspect ratio, color or dimensions of the plate in the(More)
The proposed system identifies the species of the wood using the textural features present in its barks. Each species of a wood has its own unique patterns in its bark, which enabled the proposed system to identify it accurately. Automatic wood recognition system has not yet been well established mainly due to lack of research in this area and the(More)
This paper describes a system to identify Tamil numerals using a two-stage approach, for a subset of Tamil alphabet or numerals. In the first stage, five sets of each Tamil numeral are trained and in the second stage un-trained Tamil numerals are tested against the trained numerals. We use some pre-processing steps to enhance the images. Resizing has been(More)
– Tumor is an uncontrolled growth of tissues in any part of the body. Tumors are of different types and they have different characteristics and treatments. Brain tumor is inherently serious and life-threatening because of its character in the limited space of the intracranial cavity (space formed inside the skull). Locating the tumor within MR (magnetic(More)
—Visualizing sound and noise often help us to determine an appropriate control over the source localization. Near-field acoustic holography (NAH) is a powerful tool for the ill-posed problem. However, in practice, due to the small finite aperture size, the discrete Fourier transform, FFT based NAH couldn't predict the active-region-of-interest (AROI) over(More)
In this paper sequence of execution of algorithms are explained visually in an interactive manner. It helps to realize the fundamental concept of algorithms such as searching and sorting method in a simple manner. Visualization gains more attention than theoretical study and it is an easy way of learning process. We propose methods for finding runtime of(More)
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