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In this paper we present a switched-capacitor matched filter for the satellite On-Board Data Handling (OBDH) Litton Coded bus. The proposed filter represents the analog front-end of the bus interface (modem) in the Central Data Management Unit (CDMU) and in each Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) of the satellite on-board communication system. The filter consists(More)
This paper presents a 500 kBit/s modem for space applications, designed for interfacing the satellite equipment with the On-Board Data Handling (OBDH) bus system. The 28 mm 2 chip, fabricated in a 0.8 µm SOI radiation-hard CMOS process, achieves a bit-error rate as low as 10 –14 with 120 mV RMS of noise consuming 64 mW from a 5 V power supply.
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