R. Bigeard

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We present the parallelization of an algorithm used to simulate images obtained with an Atomic Force Microscope. We use the standard parallel programming environment PVM so that the parallelization be architecture independent. We propose diierent algorithms: with or without large transfers of data between master and slaves and with or without load(More)
This paper describes a portable performance-oriented integrated toolset for parallel software development. This toolset is composed of a graphical design tool, a simulation tool, and a visualisation tool. The toolset helps the parallel programmer to choose between design alternatives based on their predicted performances. The graphical design tool helps(More)
This paper describes an integrated graphical toolset for performance-oriented design of portable parallel software. The toolset consists of a graphical design tool based on the PVM communications library for building parallel algorithms, a simulation engine and a visu-alisation tool for animation of program execution and visualisation of platform and(More)
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