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A mathematical model describing the biochemical interactions of the luteinizing hormone (LH), luteinizing hormone–releasing hormone (LHRH), and testosterone (T) is presented. The model structure consists of a negative feedback mechanism with transportation and secretion delays of different hormones. A comparison of stability and bifurcation analysis in the(More)
Pica has been considered as the ingestion of inedible substances or atypical food combinations. Pica has been reported widely in pediatric age group and often found to be co existing with obsessive compulsive or major depressive disorder. Reports of pica in elderly age group are relatively uncommon and rarely does it have an adult onset. In this article we(More)
A mathematical model consisting two harmful phytoplankton and zooplankton with discrete time lags in the mortality of zooplankton due to liberation of toxic substances by harmful phytoplankton has been considered. A stable coexistence of all the species has been observed for no-delay situation. Introduction of single delay in the system cause recurrent(More)
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