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This paper addresses the issue of recognizing and distinguishing among QPSK modulated signal variants such as QPSK, OQPSK and pi/4-DQPSK, from the samples of received noisy and faded PSK signal. The proposed algorithm is based on computation of relative Euclidean distance and relative phase difference among the received symbols in a frame. Constant modulus(More)
Design of energy efficient medium access control (MAC) protocol for wireless sensor network (WSN) containing mobile nodes is a challenging task. Majority of the MAC protocols for wireless sensor networks assume static sensor nodes, which results in poor performance of such protocols in a network containing mobile nodes. In this paper we propose a MAC(More)
The effect of four wave mixing (FWM) on bit error rate (BER) performance of genetic algorithm (GA) optimized wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) systems is investigated. The BER performance results of GA optimized WDM system are compared with the results of an equally spaced WDM system and fractional-based WDM system. It is found that the GA optimized(More)