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A simulation study has been conducted to compare our proposed algorithm with that of the formulated algorithm in terms of the size of connected dominating set generated. When the mobile host's transmission radius is not too large, the proposed algorithm generates a smaller connected dominating set. Our proposed algorithm calculates connected dominating set(More)
Ultrasound imaging has been widely used for preliminary diagnosis as it is non-invasive and has good scope for the doctors to analyze many diseases. Lack of trained sonographers make ultrasound imaging diagnosis time consuming to detect any abnormality. Sometimes the problem cannot exactly be identified which may lead to error in diagnosis. Hence in this(More)
— Speckles are considered as noise, which masks the fine information present in B-mode ultrasound images. Speckles appears as small snakes and dense granular like structures which has serious impact on visual perception of an image. Adaptive filter based on local statistics of an image is used to enhance the image by suppressing the noise. Adaptive speckle(More)
Telesonography suffers from inherent limitations due to the need of all time availability of experts in cloud and data connectivity to the device. Computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) used for automatic detection of abnormalities without manual intervention can overcome these limitations. Commercially available ultrasound scanners restrict the installation of new(More)
Miniaturization in size of Medical ultrasound scanning machine made it to use in point of care applications. Lack of sonographers and their unwillingness to work in rural areas limit the benefits of ultrasound system in rural healthcare. Diagnosis of patients through ultrasound is done by visualizing the ultrasound scanned images of organs. Diagnosis(More)