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We propose a Bayesian undirected graphical model for co-training, or more generally for semi-supervised multi-view learning. This makes explicit the previously unstated assumptions of a large class of co-training type algorithms, and also clarifies the circumstances under which these assumptions fail. Building upon new insights from this model, we propose(More)
We propose a novel Bayesian multiple instance learning (MIL) algorithm. This algorithm automatically identifies the relevant feature subset, and utilizes inductive transfer when learning multiple (conceptually related) classifiers. Experimental results indicate that the proposed MIL method is more accurate than previous MIL algorithms and selects a much(More)
We propose a fast iterative classification algorithm for Kernel Fisher Discriminant (KFD) using heterogeneous kernel models. In contrast with the standard KFD that requires the user to predefine a kernel function, we incorporate the task of choosing an appropriate kernel into the optimization problem to be solved. The choice of kernel is defined as a linear(More)
Coronary Heart Disease can be diagnosed by measuring and scoring regional motion of the heart wall in ultrasound images of the left ventricle (LV) of the heart. We describe a completely automated and robust technique that detects diseased hearts based on detection and automatic tracking of the endocardium and epicardium of the LV. The local wall regions and(More)