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During the investigation of patients presenting symptoms related to the Vth and VIIth nerves, frequently associated symptoms relevant to the VIIth nerve were found, such as tinnitus, disequilibrium or vertigo. On the other hand, there also came to our attention patients whose major complaints were of VIIIth origin, especially of the vestibular component,(More)
Three cases of perforation of the pharynx in the newborn are presented. This condition resembles esophageal atresia, in that: (a) the symptoms are identical; (b) in both conditions there is failure to pass a nasogastric tube; (c) opacification of the esophagus through a nasogastric tube gives x-ray pictures confusingly similar. Careful examination of the(More)
After a review of electrophysiological studies in 1,500 cases concerning different types of lesions of the trigeminal nerve, the acousticofacial complex, and the brain stem, one can conclude that beside the intensive clinical examination which most often allows a precise topographic diagnosis, study of trigeminofacial and facial reflexes appears to be an(More)
Escherichia coli O157 strains have emerged as important human enteric pathogens. Strains that express the O-antigen 157 are commonly associated with severe clinical manifestations, including bloody diarrhea, hemorrhagic colitis, and hemolytic uremic syndrome. E. coli O157 strains may be transmitted in a variety of ways, including food, water and(More)
Diabetes affects an increasing number of patients worldwide and is responsible for a significant rise in healthcare expenses. Imaging of β-cells bears the potential to contribute to an improved understanding, diagnosis, and development of new treatment options for diabetes. Here, we describe the first small molecule fluorescent probe targeting the free(More)