R. Bendl

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Image registration has many medical applications in diagnosis, therapy planning and therapy. Especially for time-adaptive radiotherapy, an efficient and accurate elastic registration of images acquired for treatment planning, and at the time of the actual treatment, is highly desirable. Therefore, we developed a fully automatic and fast block matching(More)
PURPOSE Patient-specific biomechanical simulations of the behavior of soft tissue gain importance in current surgery assistance systems as they can provide surgeons with valuable ancillary information for diagnosis and therapy. In this work, we aim at supporting minimally invasive mitral valve reconstruction (MVR) surgery by providing scenario setups for(More)
The intraoperative shift of neuroanatomical landmarks that serve as reference points is an unsolved problem in current neuronavigation. Monitoring the position of these landmarks requires repeated intraoperative imaging. We analyzed the effectiveness of a 3-D ultrasound system for imaging through a bore-hole trepanation. A tissue-mimicking ultrasound(More)
This paper presents an overview of the COVIRA project, AIM Project No. 2003. The COVIRA consortium has been performing research in the area of Multimodality Image Analysis, with a focus on. Registration and Segmentation. Together with results in the areas of Visualization, User Interface, Digital Anatomy Atlas, Conformal 3D Radiation Therapy Planning, and(More)
Functional architecture of basal ganglia circuits: Neural sub-strates of parallel processing. display of spin-echo data from MR studies of brain. Simultaneous display of multiple MR parameters with quantitative magnetic color imaging. Interpretation of bone scans using a video display. a necessary step towards a filmless nuclear medicine department.(More)
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