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Bovine tracheal submucosal gland serous cells were incubated with (35S) methionine. The proteins synthesized and secreted into the culture medium during pulse and chase periods were analyzed. Three major protein bands with apparent molecular weight values of 67 kD, 47 kD and 32 kD were detected by fluorography following SDS-polyacrylamide gel(More)
Human surface respiratory epithelial (HSRE) cells from nasal polyps have been cultured within collagen lattices in a serum-free defined medium. Cell growth observed over a period of 12 days showed a population doubling time of 36 h. Under these culture conditions, we observed a contraction of the lattices. Phase-contrast light microscopy and transmission(More)
We have investigated the effect of both adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and uridine triphosphate (UTP) on the fluid transport, transepithelial electric potential difference (PD), and unidirectional chloride flux when applied apically to cultured human surface respiratory epithelial (HSRE) cells in a double-compartment chamber. The effects of ATP and UTP (both(More)
SETTING Emergency rooms. OBJECTIVE To assess quality of care and its determinants for asthma patients before emergency room treatment. DESIGN Consecutive patients with acute severe asthma attending emergency rooms were questioned about the severity of their disease and treatment in the previous 4 weeks. Prescriptions of inhaled corticosteroids were(More)
Inflammation and epithelial damage of the bronchial mucosa are frequently identified in children with bronchial diseases. Nevertheless, until now the quantitative assessment of the epithelial damage has never been studied in relation to clinical or respiratory function or mucus abnormalities. Bronchial biopsies and brushings were performed in 31 children(More)
Human airway lysozyme (HAL) was separated into fractions of distinct molecular forms using a Mono S cation-exchange column on a fast-protein liquid chromatography system. This new and rapid (30 min) purification procedure of human lysozyme enabled the preparation of fractions, highly enriched in different isoenzymes of HAL. Purified HAL from pathological(More)
Bovine tracheal gland (BTG) cells in culture show an epithelial-fibroblastoid transition after several passages. To investigate these BTG cell phenotype changes, we studied the effects of both the culture medium and passage number on the expression of epithelial cytoskeletal proteins and glandular serous cell markers. We also analyzed the intracellular cAMP(More)
We describe a method for establishing the culture of bovine tracheal submucosal gland (BTG) cells, in which we have also examined the influence of a reconstituted basement membrane matrix derived from the Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm tumor (EHS) on the growth and morphological differentiation of these cells. BTG cells have been isolated by tissue enzymatic(More)