R Ben-David

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We observe 441 K(L)-->e(+)e(-)e(+)e(-) candidate events with a background of 4.2 events and measure B(K(L)-->e(+)e(-)e(+)e(-)) = [3.72+/-0.18(stat)+/-0.23(syst)]x10(-8) in the KTeV/E799II experiment at Fermilab. Using the distribution of the angle between the planes of the e(+)e(-) pairs, we measure the CP parameters beta(CP) =(More)
The SLD Barrel Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector was .fully operational in the 1992 physics data run. The electron drift velocity and magnetic field deflection of electron trajec-tories have been measured. Cherenkov rings have been observed from both the liquid and gas radiators. The number and the resolution of the angle of Cherenkov photons have been(More)
  • K Abe, P Antilogus, D Aston, K Baird, C Baltay, A Bean +63 others
  • 1997
We ~resent the Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector in the endcap regions of the SLD detector and report initial performance. The endcap CRID was completed and commissioned in 1993 and is fully operational for the 1994 run. First Cherenkov iings have been observed. The endcap CRID detectors and fluid systems are described and initial operational experience is(More)
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