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Studies carried out in the framework of the International Design Study for the Neutrino Factory (the IDS-NF) show that the sensitivity to the CP violating phase and the last unknown mixing angle θ 13 is maximised when two far detectors optimized to detect the sub-leading ν e to ν µ oscillation are combined. Several technologies are being discussed for these(More)
  • P Kyberd, M Littlefield, J J Nebrensky, R Powell, D R Smith, S Chattopadhyay +105 others
  • 2011
i Executive summary Proton accelerators have served for more than 60 years at the forefront of scientific investigation across an immense range of disciplines. The world-leading ISIS neutron-spallation source at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) serves an international community of more than 1000 scientists in studies that include investigations of(More)
  • T R Edgecock, O Caretta, T Davenne, C Densam, M Fitton, D Kelliher +164 others
  • 2015
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The νSTORM facility has been designed to deliver beams of ν e and ν µ from the decay of a stored µ ± beam with a central momentum of 3.8 GeV/c and a momentum spread of 10% [1]. The facility is unique in that it will: • Serve the future long-and short-baseline neutrino-oscillation programmes by providing definitive measurements of ν e N and ν µ N scattering(More)
  • P Kyberd, D R Smith, N Bliss, N Collomb, C White, R Bayes +18 others
  • 2011
Executive summary This proposal seeks the resources required to complete the UK contributions to the EC FP7 Design Study EUROnu and the International Design Study for the Neutrino Factory (the IDS-NF). Support for these activities to date has been provided by the STFC through the UKNF project grants and by the EC through the FP7 funding awarded to EUROnu.(More)
The TWIST Collaboration has completed a new measurement of the energy-angle spectrum of positrons from the decay of highly polarized muons. A simultaneous measurement of the muon decay parameters ρ, δ, and P(μ)(π)ξ tests the standard model in a purely leptonic process and provides improved limits for relevant extensions to the standard model. Specifically,(More)
Neurologic alterations were noted as important early from the description of the AIDS epidemic. At present, there is evidence that the Human Immunodeficiency Virus can be the aetiologic agent of the AIDS dementia complex. The natural history of this disease is not well known. Various longitudinal studies have been undertaken to assess the appearance of(More)
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