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Maspin (SERPINB5) is a type II metastasis suppressor that influences multiple cellular functions. To date, maspin has been shown to increase adhesion and apoptosis and to decrease cell migration, proliferation, invasion and metastases in tumour malignancy. At the subcellular level, maspin influences morphological changes in the cell cytoskeleton which(More)
Maspin (Mammary Serine Protease Inhibitor) is a non-inhibitory ser-pin with multiple cellular effects that is a type II tumour metastasis suppressor. Maspin has been shown to reduce cell migration, invasion, proliferation and an-giogenesis, and increase apoptosis and adhesion. In this paper, we report the development of a mathematical model of the effects(More)
Maspin (Mammary Serine Protease Inhibitor) is a non-inhibitory member of the serpin family of protease inhibitors that influences multiple cellular functions including adhesion, migration, and invasion in tumour malignancy. In this paper, we describe a computational model of the effects of exogenous maspin on cellular proliferation, migration and invasion.(More)
Cancer is one of the biggest killers in the western world; every two minutes someone is diagnosed with cancer in the UK. Tumour growth and progression is a complex biological process, normally beginning with genetic mutations in a single cell. It starts with the early or avascular phase where growth is limited by nutrient diffusion, then the vascular stage(More)
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