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Query sensitive summarization aims at providing the users with the summary of the contents of single or multiple web pages based on the search query. This paper proposes a novel idea of generating a comparative summary from a set of URLs from the search result. User selects a set of web page links from the search result produced by search engine.(More)
Image compression plays a vital role in multimedia storage and transmission applications. In our work two different approaches of edge preserving lossy image compression are incorporated with the aim of increasing compression ratio and picture quality. An edge image is obtained from the original image using, various edge detectors. The original image is(More)
A predictive method based on Artificial networks has been developed for the thermophysical properties of binary liquid mixtures at (303.15, 313.15 and 323.15) K. In method 1, a committee ANN was trained using 5 physical properties combined with absolute temperature as its input to predict thermo physical properties of liquid mixtures. Using these data,(More)
Multi-Agent Systems provide a secure environment for gathering information about customers by effective communication between agents for effective sharing of resources. In modern days, due to the enormous volume of data in applications, extraction of data becomes very difficult. A Multi-Agent System helps users to find relevant information from varied data(More)