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We describe the promising development of third-harmonic generation (THG) in laser scanning microscopy for study of the functional imaging of live biological cells. The dynamics of Ca(2+) in biological cells is shown. The Ca(2+) signal consists of a transient increase in the intracellular concentration. THG microscopy allows one to temporally visualize the(More)
We show that the electronic part of the nonlinear susceptibility chi(3) of thin films can be easily measured by third harmonic microscopy. The phenomenon of third harmonic generation (THG) is excited by a femtosecond laser beam focused at the interface between the thin film and a reference layer. The value of chi(3) is deduced from the THG intensity(More)
The interaction of cells with nanoscale topography has proven to be an important modality in controlling cell responses. Topographic parameters on material surfaces play a role in cell growth. We have synthesized a new bio compatible polymer containing photoswitching molecules. Stripepatterned (groove/ridge pattern) were patterned and erased with ease on(More)
We present an optical experiment which permits us to evaluate the information exchange necessary to self-induce cooperatively a well-organized pattern in a randomly activated molecular assembly. A low-power coherent beam carrying polarization and wavelength information is used to organize a surface relief grating on a photochromic polymer thin film which is(More)
Peculiar light-matter interactions can break the rule that a single beam polarization can address only two states in an optical memory device. Multistate storage of a single beam polarization is achieved using self-induced surface diffraction gratings in a photoactive polymer material. The grating orientation follows the incident light beam's polarization(More)
We demonstrate the suitability of the third-harmonic-generation technique as a new nonlinear microprobe for nondestructive determination of the index profile of optical fibers. Photonic bandgap (Bragg-type) and air-silica microstructure (ASM) fibers were tested. The complete spatial characteristics, such as hole diameter and spacing into ASM fibers or(More)
We demonstrate that enhanced linear absorption coefficient (LAC) of in-plane monolayer graphene is determined by the optical transmission spectra of a graphene layer coated symmetrically coupled add-drop silicon microring resonator (SC-ADSMR), of which the value is around 0.23 dB/µm. In contrast to the traditional cut-back method, the measured results(More)
We have previously shown that azopolymer thin films exposed to coherent light that has travelled through a turbulent medium produces a surface relief grating containing information about the intensity of the turbulence; for instance, a relation between the refractive index structure constant C(n)2 as a function of the surface parameters was obtained. In(More)
1. Introduction On contredit l'opinion général concernant le transport moléculaire et spécialement la production de réseaux de surface en relief que les systèmes photoactifs nécessitent de la lumière cohérente [1-2]. L'opinion communément admise suppose que les interférences et donc la cohérence d'ondes interagissant est nécessaire pour un ordonnancement de(More)