R. Balachandra

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The hard disk drive industry has been under great cost pressures. Manufacturing has achieved very high levels of efficiencies and there is hardly any room for reducing costs any further by improving manufacturing. An area worth exploring is the design of the hard drives to further reduce the costs. Modular design helps in developing designs that will be(More)
Studies analyzing the impact of technological innovations on how an industry develops focus on the different effects produced by radical innovations versus incremental innovations. The studies either examine the technology cycles or the market development cycles in isolation without really explaining the interaction between the two. In this paper, we(More)
Passport and phenotypic data on germplasm and breeding lines are available from worldwide sources in various electronic formats. These data can be collated into a single database format to enable strategic interrogation to make the best use of data for effective germplasm use and enhancement. The International Crop Information System(More)
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