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The BESSY II control system takes advantage of the mature stage of the EPICS toolkit and its contributed generic applications. Development activities have been focussed on three aspects. (1) Dominant role is given to device control IO, based on distributed local intelligence of embedded controllers and CAN fieldbus networks. (2) Cooperative development of(More)
At BESSY the planned continous orbit drift correction could not go into routine operation as originally foreseen: the resolution of the 3 mrad correctors controlled by 16 bit DACs was insufficient and perturbed specific experiments unacceptably[1]. Now a novel 2x16 bit coarse/fine type I/O board solved this problem while preserving the full dynamic range of(More)
  • YOUHONG GONG, Harry West, +5 authors Bert Hootsmans
  • 2006
Design process of Stewart platform used as Vehicle Emulator System (VES) was investigated and various aspects which affect the basic behavior of the mechanism was examined. Two additional design considerations were proposed: stiffness and admittance emulation accuracy. The analysis reveals the relationship between the performance of VES and the components(More)
The commissioning period is challenging both for provider and user of accelerator operation software. With increasing knowledge of the specific accelerator new functionalities and methods become important. The variety of implemented features grows until certain standard procedures are settled and the programs can be simplified again for the all day tasks.(More)
The first two years of user service of the third generation light source BESSY II emphasized the importance of a reliable, comprehensive and dense logging of a few thousand setpoints, readbacks, status and alarm values. Today data from sources with various characteristics residing in different protected networks are centrally collected and retrievable via(More)
The authors compare the nursing diagnosis ineffective management of therapeutic regimen with that of noncompliance and with Orem's concept of self-care deficit. The article describes how the diagnosis of ineffective management of therapeutic regimen is more comprehensive than noncompliance. A question of patient autonomy is raised considering how the(More)
Adaptive control refers to the control of systems that have poorly known parameters but a well modeled structure. The adaptive control of linear, time-invariant systems is well understood. However, for systems with multiple inputs and multiple outputs the adaptive controller is of high order and complex making the approach inapplicable in a number of(More)
Software requirements evolve rapidly during the short commissioning period of a third generation light source. Main focus moves from atomic device control to complex conditioning, experiment performance, measurement data taking, beam quality maintenance and performance monitoring tasks. From the very beginning the essential tools have to be set up properly(More)