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OBJECTIVE To assess the oral health status of 12-year-old schoolchildren in Kadiogo province, Burkina Faso. DESIGN A cross-sectional epidemiological study in which a trained dentist performed clinical examinations. SETTING Twenty primary schools in Kadiogo Province. SUBJECTS Three hundred randomly selected children. OUTCOME MEASURES Oral health(More)
Sugar and tooth decays are bound closely. The mechanisms of destruction of the tooth from the glycolyse are known. The role played by the food in the development of the caries is unique. Foods sweetened of all ways, rich in sucrose are responsible of the intervening of the carious lesions. The transformation of the fermentable sugars in lactic with the(More)
Abidjan, the economical capital of Ivory Coast has a CAO of 2.7 with index O practically nil. The professional density is one surgeon for 12.000 inhabitants. Abidjan population, despite the requirements in increasing care has not recourse to the dental surgeons for their assumption of responsibility. The general objective of our study is to describe the(More)
Traditional medicine of which is a part traditional odontology occupies an important place within the African societies. It often constitutes the first appeal (80 % of the population) because of the high cost of the care, the incapacity of the human and material resources but also the faiths of the populations. This reality makes valuation of the(More)
The exaggerated consumption of sugars under its various associate shapes to an insufficiency of mouth and tooth hygiene could drag some tooth decays. These tooth decays, when they demonstrate, leads to a destruction of the temporary teeth, with for corollaries of the aesthetic and functional problems. The therapeutic are not always apparent especially when(More)
According to the orthodontist supernumerary teeth on dental arches necessitate a special analysis of the occlusion to decide which to keep and which ones to pull out. Then he must solve the problem of the new occlusion to have. Thus in this study the authors, from their personal experiences of treatment of cases about supernumerary teeth go through the(More)