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Sugar and tooth decays are bound closely. The mechanisms of destruction of the tooth from the glycolyse are known. The role played by the food in the development of the caries is unique. Foods sweetened of all ways, rich in sucrose are responsible of the intervening of the carious lesions. The transformation of the fermentable sugars in lactic with the(More)
Abidjan, the economical capital of Ivory Coast has a CAO of 2.7 with index O practically nil. The professional density is one surgeon for 12.000 inhabitants. Abidjan population, despite the requirements in increasing care has not recourse to the dental surgeons for their assumption of responsibility. The general objective of our study is to describe the(More)
The authors present the results of a study carried out within the context of a diagnosis of the state of dental health among 300 twelve years old students in school in the province of Kadiogo (Burkina Faso). The data collected by questionnaires explore the range of behaviours linked to dental health: dental hygiene, eating habits, use of fluoride and use of(More)
A dental morphology study is of great importance because it allows norms to be established which are adapted to the Ivorian situation. After a study of the canal morphology, we became involved in a study of the canal dimensions of the first permanent molars amongst Ivorian children. As a part of the 260 mouldings taken from 67 boys and 63 girls, we measured(More)
The traumatisms of the temporary teeth are very frequent. They are bound to the acquirement of the march, to the games, to the sport and to the accidents of the public way. Favoured by the presence one improved proalveoly, they constitute a dental emergency of makes some important risks of complications. Indeed, these traumatisms, in case of belated(More)
The absence of the temporary incisors could be to a genetic illness or to some multiple premature extractions. These extractions are the aftermaths of the carious lesions or some traumatisms underwent by the temporary incisors. Beyond measure the loss of the space, the premature loss some temporary incisors very often assign the relational development of(More)