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This paper outlines the study of Diesel soot particle properties in the frequency band 2.0-40.0 GHz. Using a transmission/reflection as well as a cavity perturbation method, the complex dielectric constant ¿* = ¿1 - j¿2 was measured for multiple of samples (soot particles produced in a Diesel engine and deposited on paper filter). From the analysis of the(More)
In the last years otolaryngology was influenced by newly developed implants which are based on both, innovative biomaterials and novel implant technologies. Since the biomaterials are integrated into biological systems they have to fulfill all technical requirements and accommodate biological interactions. Aside from all technological challenges the(More)
A novel measurement procedure using microwaves is presented. The implemented sensor determines the length of a cylindrical cavity (e.g. hydraulic system) with sub-millimeter accuracy in real time. The principle of operation is based on the detection of the resonance-frequency distribution in a cavity resonator.
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