R. B. Williams

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Two hundred consecutive specimens received in this laboratory for "liver function tests" showed a wide range of abnormal protein concentrations. Calcium concentration correlated closely with albumin (r = 0.867) but less closely with total protein (r = 0.682). A simple formula for adjusting calcium concentration was derived from the regression equation of(More)
PURPOSE To compare pain-related treatment satisfaction, patient-perceived side effects, functioning, and well-being in patients with advanced cancer who were receiving either transdermal fentanyl (Duragesic, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Titusville, NJ) or sustained-release oral forms of morphine (MS Contin, Perdue Frederick Co, Norwalk, CT, or Oramorph SR,(More)
OBJECTIVE The study goal was to evaluate interstage growth variation among sites participating in the National Pediatric Cardiology Quality Improvement Collaborative registry caring for infants with hypoplastic left heart syndrome and to identify nutritional practices common among sites achieving best growth outcomes. STUDY DESIGN This was a retrospective(More)
BACKGROUND Distal biceps brachii tendon repairs performed by a "tension slide technique" with a cortical button and interference screw (CB) are stronger than repairs by suture anchor (SA) techniques in biomechanical studies. However, clinical comparison of the 2 techniques is lacking in the literature. METHODS Distal biceps tendon ruptures repaired with(More)
We encountered a patient with a history of intravenous drug use presenting with fever, malaise and nausea who was found to have cavitary lung lesions. Unexpectedly, gram positive rods grew out on day five on multiple blood cultures, which were later identified as Mycobacterium fortuitum. The patient underwent transesophageal echocardiogram, which showed(More)
INTRODUCTION There has been growing interest in the use of MRI in assessing Crohn's disease because of its lack of ionising radiation. Many MRI signs have been described in the literature, but their relative utility is unknown. METHODS The MRIs of the bowel performed at 1.5 Tesla were blindly reviewed on 26 patients with recent histology (surgery and/or(More)
To determine the frequency of bacteremia associated with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP), we obtained blood cultures before, during, and after ERCP in 51 consecutive patients. Patients with radiographically demonstrated abnormalities in pancreatic and/or biliary ducts were routinely given antibiotic therapy after ERCP. Bacteremia after(More)