R. B. Stein

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Most models of muscle have assumed that the series elastic element has a constant stiffness, although experimentally this is not true, either at the level of individual cross-bridges or that of the whole muscle. In this paper elastic and viscous elements are introduced whose properties vary systematically with activity levels as has been found(More)
Sixteen patients, 6 males and 10 females, all fullfilling the criteria of clinically definite multiple sclerosis, were examined. All but one patient presented anamnestic data or clinical findings suggesting a previous or present brain stem lesion. The result obtained by visual (VER) and auditory evoked responses (ABR) were compared. In all cases abnormal(More)
An incomplete form of rod monochromatism is described in a young man with normal visual acuity and absence of nystagmus or photophobia. ERG showed normal threshold sensitivity in white and blue lights but virtual absence of the first portion of response in red light. The sensory threshold curve lacked the typical rod-cone discontinuity, whereas the curve(More)
The familial occurrence of retinal dysplasia in five affected male children suggested X-chromosome-linked recessive inheritance. The clinical features were childhood onset, severe visual impairment, head posture, nystagmus, and strabismus. The ophthalmoscopic findings varied in shape and extension; they ranged from retinal folds to dysplastic tissue(More)
A mechanized trepan is described whose cutting action is halted automatically when the trepan's cutting edge reaches the last 0.03 mm. tissue layer of the cornea. The automatic half of both the motor which advances the trepan as well as the second motor which rotates the trepan is triggered by the sudden change in electrical resistance between the trepan(More)
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