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This paper presents an algorithmic procedure to calculate the delay distribution of (im)patient customers in a discrete time D-MAP/PH/1 queue, where the service time distribution of a customer depends on his waiting time. We consider three different situations: impatient customers in the waiting room, impatient customers in the system, that is, if a(More)
The behavior of certain electromagnetic devices or components can be simulated with great detail in software. A drawback of these simulation models is that they are very time consuming. Since the accuracy required for the computational electromagnetic analysis is usually only 2-3 significant digits, an approximate analytic model is sometimes used instead,(More)
In this paper, we present a complete framework for modeling and analysis of Mobility in Wireless Sensor Networks using OQNs with <i>GI/G</i>/1 nodes and single-class customers. We formalize and present three variations - gated queues, intermittent links and intermittent servers. We suitably modify and use the Queuing Network Analyzer (QNA) to study(More)
Time dependent system size probabilities of a birth and death process related to the Rogers-Ramanujan continued fraction are obtained. The range for the parameter in this continued fraction is obtained to ensure the positivity of the recursively defined birth and death rates. The general behavior of the birth and death rates is described and the asymptotic(More)
Using cross layer information exchange to build a routing protocol for mobile adhoc networks have been shown to improve the power consumption of the network [10]. In this work we propose a cross layer approach that uses the MAC layer link stability information to improve the routing efficiency. Signal strength of the link is captured from the MAC Layer and(More)
Open-source software projects are characterized by their loose management property. Most of the activities of their developers are voluntary instead of mandatory. Compared to closed-source software projects, open-source projects are less dependent on external turbulence, but more on its own structure and operation mechanism. In this paper, we assume that(More)
OBJECTIVE Cerebral mapping of central autonomic nervous system (ANS)(1) function in mature animals and humans lateralizes sympathetic and parasympathetic influence predominantly to the right and left cerebral hemispheres, respectively. Spectral analysis of heart rate variability (HRV)(2) is an established measure of ANS function. We examined whether such(More)
We obtain the spectral representation of the transition probabilities of four particular finite birth and death processes in terms of finite systems of classical orthogonal polynomials. The explicit knowledge of these orthogonal polynomials and their roots allows us to study the asymptotic behaviour of the processes as time tends to infinity, including(More)