R B Lemon

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Mirror neurons were discovered over twenty years ago in the ventral premotor region F5 of the macaque monkey. Since their discovery much has been written about these neurons, both in the scientific literature and in the popular press. They have been proposed to be the neuronal substrate underlying a vast array of different functions. Indeed so much has been(More)
Specific, well-characterized antisera to the extracellular matrix glycoprotein tenascin were used. Immunoreactivity was detected in association with dentinal tubules; it was particularly prominent in the tooth crown, and was stronger within matrix than within predentine. In contrast, there was no anti-fibronectin staining in dentinal tubules. In(More)
Healthcare institutions today are finding their information systems inadequate. Providers want systems that integrate clinical and financial information as well as support strategic decision making. To support these needs and wants, more organizations are investing in new and more technologically advanced information systems. By looking at three separate(More)
Healthcare organizations' changing priorities have created needs for new information systems, as well as a demand for better integration of existing systems. Ten years ago, data processing concentrated on general and patient accounting, payroll, and accounts payable. Today, automated systems have to be able to gather data from several different systems to(More)
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