R. B. Kolstad

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In traditional precedence-constrained scheduling a task is ready to execute when all its predecessors are completed. We call such a task an AND task. In many applications there are tasks which are ready to execute when some but not all of their predecessors are complete. We call these tasks OR tasks. The resultant task system, containing both AND and OR(More)
One key aspect to the production of high quality low cost software is the ability to separate certain implementation concerns (e.g., separite specification of data structures, synchronization, procedures, machine dependencies, and processes). This separation leads to modularity, enhanced readability, and facilitates modifiability and verification. The(More)
Experimental Path Pascal was designed to investigate the benefits and problems that arise when Path Expressions are combined with a language to provide a system programming tool. Instead of altering the Pascal language extensively, a minimal number of features was added such that Pascal programs still compile and execute. The language can be used for(More)
ILLINET is a fiber-optical ring network designed to provide wide band linkages between host computers for the purpose of facilitating file transfers at speeds near those of fast I/O devices in the hosts. Its structure is similar to the Distributed Computing System. ILLINET will eventually connect several PDP-11's, a PRIME computer and a network of(More)
This paper presents both a description of a programming language and development system suitable for writing practical asynchronous systems and several examples of its use. Path Pascal is a high level programming language which includes <underline>objects</underline> for encapsulation, <underline>processes</underline> which execute independently,(More)
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