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Cytokinesis requires the spatio-temporal coordination of cell-cycle control and cytoskeletal reorganization. Members of the Rho-family of GTPases are crucial regulators of this process and assembly of the contractile ring depends on local activation of Rho signalling. Here, we show that the armadillo protein p0071, unlike its relative p120(ctn), is(More)
We have used a series of 30 DNA probes previously mapped to the long arm of the human Y chromosome, to screen a panel of 21 patients with structural abnormalities in Yq, by genomic blot hybridisation. The results have allowed us to construct a detailed map of interval 6 of the Y chromosome, in which 28 of the probes could be assigned to 14 sub-intervals(More)
For males with idiopathic sterility, a molecular screen specific for small lesions (microdeletions) in interval 6 of the Y chromosome was set up using 29 Y-DNA probes. A “de novo” microdeletion in Y interval 6 was detected in 2 out of 19 “chromosomally normal” sterile males. The first microdeletion includes the Y-DNA probes pY6HP35 and 12f3; the second(More)
Conventional methods of long range restriction mapping for analysis of the genomic DNA structure failed in Yq11, because single-copy DNA probes for blot hybridization analyses are rare and the rate of DNA methylation is high in this Y region. Numerous repetitive sequence blocks of unknown extensions are scattered throughout Yq11 and a patchwork of X-Y(More)
P120(ctn) is the prototype of a subfamily of armadillo proteins that also comprises p0071, delta-catenin, ARVCF and the more distantly related plakophilins 1-3. These proteins have well established roles in regulating adherens junction and desmosome formation which critically depends on their capacity to cluster cadherins. Besides this function in cell(More)
P0071 (plakophilin-4) is a member of the p120ctn subfamily of armadillo proteins that are essential for cell contact formation. Additionally, p0071 plays a role in cytokinesis, in which it regulates local activation of RhoA together with Ect2. Because spatiotemporal regulation is required for progression through cytokinesis, we analyzed when and how p0071(More)
P0071 is a member of a subfamily of armadillo proteins that also comprises p120-catenin (p120ctn), δ-catenin/NPRAP, ARVCF and the more distantly related plakophilins 1-3. These proteins share a conserved central domain consisting of a series of repeated motifs, the armadillo repeats, which is flanked by more diverse amino- and carboxy-terminal domains.(More)
The regulation of adhesion and growth is important for epithelial function and dysfunction. β-catenin (armadillo in Drosophila) is the prototype of a multifunctional molecule that regulates cell adhesion via adherens junctions and cell signaling via LEF/TCF transcription factors. Desmosomal armadillo proteins comprise plakoglobin and the plakophilins 1, 2,(More)
An experimental approach towards the molecular analysis of the male fertility function, located in interval 6 of the human Y chromosome, is presented. This approach is not based on the knowledge of any gene product but on the assumption that the functional DNA structure of male fertility genes, evolutionary conserved with their position on the Y chromosome,(More)
Recent linkage studies located genes responsible for the low voltage EEG, benign neonatal convulsions and for the Fanconi anaemia to the vicinity of the VNTR marker CMM6 (D20S19). Physical mapping experiments using pulsefield electrophoresis in the distal part of chromosome 20q were chosen as a first step towards cloning of these genes. The observed pattern(More)