R B Gerson

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The characteristics of a GTPase reaction between poly(U)-programmed ribosomes, EFTu . GTP, and the near-cognate aminoacyl (aa)-tRNA, Leu-tRNA Leu 2, have been studied to assess the role of this reaction in proofreading of the codon-anticodon interaction. The reaction resembles the GTPase reaction with cognate aa-tRNAs and EFTu . GTP in its substrate(More)
Discrimination against the binding of noncognate aminoacyl (aa)-tRNAs by mRNA-programmed ribosomes is the outcome of two selection steps, one involving an aa-tRNA.EFTu.GTP complex, which occurs prior to and includes GTP hydrolysis, the other involving the aa-tRNA alone, which follows GTP hydrolysis. Conditions which lead to errors in protein synthesis have(More)
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