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1,768 12- to 18-year-old boys, in pairs from five constellations (identical and fraternal twins, brothers, unrelated boys raised together and a random general population sample) were measured by the O-A (performance) personality battery on source traits UI 16, 17 and 19. Corrections were made for ages and test validities in computing observed variances.(More)
  • B I B L I O G R A P H Y, Adams Littlefield, T H E Y, R D Bouchard, Abraham, R C Barnett +30 others
  • 2014
A comparative study of extra organizational stress among women teachers and nursing stafl. A factor analytic study of the teaching events Q stress inventory. A comparison of tension headache sufferers and nonpain controls on the state-trait anger expression inventory: An exploratory study with implications for applied psychophysiologists. \ teachers' coping(More)
  • J R Z Abela, Mcintyre-Smith, A Dechef, Albert, J M Angerer, G Banauch +51 others
  • 2005
depression: A test of the specific vulnerability and symptom specificity hypothesis. (2000). Ambulance personnel and critical incidents: Impact of accident and emergency work on mental health and emotional well-being. and pain complaints among firefighters and paramedics. 307 intervention for a metropolitan fire department.Autonomy Scale: A measure of(More)
Cattell, R. B. Theory of fluid and crystallized intelligence: a critical experiment. Journal of Educational Psychology Anderson, T. W. The use of factor analysis in the statistical analysis of multiple time series. Psychometrika Meredith, W. Notes on factorial invariance. Psychometrika Horn, J. L. A rationale and technique for estimating the number of(More)
The growth of validated objective devices, and of knowledge of ergic and sentiment structure has now, for 20 years, put new instruments (MAT and SMAT) in the hands of psychological practitioners. They have been slow to recognize, however, the theoretical powers in conflict measurement, decision theory, the general dynamic calculus, and structured learning(More)
Tested over 3,000 boys (identical and fraternal twins, ordinary sibs, general population) aged 12-18 on Ego Strength, Super Ego Strength, and Self Sentiment. The Multiple Abstract Variance Analysis (MAVA) method was used to obtain estimates of abstract (hereditary, environmental) variances and covariances that contribute to total variation in the three(More)