R B Barnes

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A monoclonal antibody, RA4, was developed that recognizes retinal ganglion cell axons in the mature retina. Between embryonic days 3 and 9, the RA4 antigen was associated with cell bodies in certain regions of the retina in addition to the ganglion cell axons. The RA4-positive cells were of 3 types: an apolar cell adjacent to the ventricular surface, a(More)
BACKGROUND Couples with unexplained recurrent miscarriage may have an alloimmune abnormality that prevents the mother from developing immune responses essential for the survival of the genetically foreign conceptus. Immunisation with paternal mononuclear cells is used as a treatment for such alloimmune-mediated pregnancy losses. However, the published(More)
  • M Mayer, J Yang, I Gitlin, D H Gracias, G M Whitesides, S B Lee +32 others
  • 2007
columns with an aspect ratio of 80 can fully bend to touch the surface without breaking. An aspect ratio of at least 20 is needed for sufficient bending of each beam to touch its neighbors to obtain the structure shown in Fig. 4, C and D. This mechanical assessment makes it possible to design a hydrogel/nanocolumns combination that enables a desired degree(More)
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