R. B. Andersen

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1. Eleven patients with the bone loss of ageing were treated with the vitamin D analogue 1 alpha-hydroxycholecalciferol and calcium for 3--6 months. 2. Muscle biopsies were taken from the vastus lateralis before and after the treatment and the activity of several enzymes was measured. Succinate dehydrogenase and total phosphorylase activities, which are a(More)
Normal synovial membranes and synovial membranes from patients with classic rheumatoid arthritis were investigated for the presence of fibrin and fibronectin by an indirect immunoperoxidase technique. In normal synovial membranes, fibronectin was found around the monolayer of the synovial lining cells. Staining was most intense on the surface and beneath(More)
The overlapping yaaG and yaaF genes from Bacillus subtilis were cloned and overexpressed in Escherichia coli. Purification of the gene products showed that yaaG encoded a homodimeric deoxyguanosine kinase (dGK) and that yaaF encoded a homodimeric deoxynucleoside kinase capable of phosphorylating both deoxyadenosine and deoxycytidine. The latter was(More)
The long-acting antiphlogistics tenoxicam (Ro 12-0068, Tilcotil) and piroxicam in single daily oral doses of 20 mg are compared in a double-blind, group-comparative, randomised trial planned to last for five years. Results of 12 months' treatment of 108 patients with osteoarthritis of the hip or knee have been reported. This interim analysis focuses mainly(More)
PURPOSE Because symptomatic lymphoceles are infrequent, single center studies generally report small numbers of patients. We report a multi-institutional experience with and long-term outcome following laparoscopic lymphocelectomy in 81 patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data were obtained from 9 institutions at which at least 5 cases of laparoscopic(More)
A 2.5D EM-simulator has been used to study how planar inductor performance is influenced by an epitaxial substrate. The simulation model used has been adjusted and verified by measurements on an octagonal inductor fabricated in a submicron CMOS technology. The impact of the epitaxial layer has been studied by sweeping it’s permittivity, thickness, and(More)
On the basis of the earlier observations of an ameliorating effect of jaundice on rheumatoid arthritis, the purpose of the present study was to confirm the influence of bile acids on rheumatoid arthritis. Ten patients were treated with intravenous infusions of chenodeoxycholic acid in single doses of 1-2 g, given over 5-8 hours on 1-4 consecutive days. The(More)
Skin biopsies from forty patients with rheumatoid arthritis were studied for presence of immune deposits in the dermo-epidermal junction zone. In about half of these unselected patients with classical and definite rheumatoid arthritis, IgM, complement components and fibrinogen antigenic material were found. A positive correlation is demonstrated between(More)