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The transcription factor NF-␬ B is sequestered in the cytoplasm by the inhibitor proteins of the I ␬ B family. Each member of the I ␬ B exhibits structural and biochemical similarities as well as differences. In an effort to address the functional redundancy of two closely related I ␬ B molecules , I ␬ B ␣ and I ␬ B ␤ , we generated knock-in mice by(More)
BACKGROUND A crucial event in Prostate Cancer progression is the conversion from a hormone-sensitive to a hormone-refractory disease state. Correlating with this transition, androgen receptor (AR) amplification and mutations are often observed in patients failing hormonal ablation therapies. beta-Catenin, an essential component of the canonical Wnt(More)
In a full-text natural-language retrieval system, frequent need for automatic hngulst~c analysis arises, e.g for keyword expansion in a search process, content analysis, or automatic construction of concordances The avadablhty of sophisticated hngulstic tools, which is highly desirable for languages such as Enghsh, is quite imperative for, say, Semmc(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to test the ability of a new insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-IR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor, BMS-536924, to reverse the ability of constitutively active IGF-IR (CD8-IGF-IR) to transform MCF10A cells, and to examine the effect of the inhibitor on a range of human breast cancer cell lines. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN(More)
  • M Jemtrud, V Prabhu, J Hayes, R Attar
  • 2005
The inaugural project of the " Digital Architectural Reconstruction Program " is to digitally reconstruct and capture a high resolution, accurate, and interactive model of a lost, historically significant building and urban area in Ottawa for heritage and museological purposes. In addition to creating significant cultural digital artifacts, the production(More)
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