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The transcription factor NF-␬ B is sequestered in the cytoplasm by the inhibitor proteins of the I ␬ B family. Each member of the I ␬ B exhibits structural and biochemical similarities as well as differences. In an effort to address the functional redundancy of two closely related I ␬ B molecules , I ␬ B ␣ and I ␬ B ␤ , we generated knock-in mice by(More)
BACKGROUND A crucial event in Prostate Cancer progression is the conversion from a hormone-sensitive to a hormone-refractory disease state. Correlating with this transition, androgen receptor (AR) amplification and mutations are often observed in patients failing hormonal ablation therapies. beta-Catenin, an essential component of the canonical Wnt(More)
PURPOSE This study aimed to test the ability of a new insulin-like growth factor receptor (IGF-IR) tyrosine kinase inhibitor, BMS-536924, to reverse the ability of constitutively active IGF-IR (CD8-IGF-IR) to transform MCF10A cells, and to examine the effect of the inhibitor on a range of human breast cancer cell lines. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN(More)
  • M Jemtrud, V Prabhu, J Hayes, R Attar
  • 2005
The inaugural project of the " Digital Architectural Reconstruction Program " is to digitally reconstruct and capture a high resolution, accurate, and interactive model of a lost, historically significant building and urban area in Ottawa for heritage and museological purposes. In addition to creating significant cultural digital artifacts, the production(More)
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