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Adequate control of side effects during medical treatment of cancer increases patient compliance and quality of life. Antiemetic drugs are not an effective treatment for the one in three cancer patients on chemotherapy who experience anticipatory nausea and vomiting (ANV); the behavioral treatment of systematic desensitization has been found effective for(More)
The performance of concurrent computers depends fundamentally on the capabilities of the individual processing nodes and the characteristics of the interprocessor communication system. The Intel iPSC®/2 is significantly better in both categories than the original iPSC (iPSC/1). This paper will briefly compare the hardware of the two machines and then(More)
Intel/spl copy/ Cluster Tools assist developers of distributed parallel software to analyze and optimize applications on clusters. This tutorial uses a combination of lecture, demo, and (primarily) lab exercises with these tools to introduce event-based tracing techniques for MPI applications. The tools used in this tutorial were formerly marketed as Vampir(More)
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