R Arrigo

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  • Rosanne D 'arrigo, Rob Wilson, Jonathan Palmer, Paul Krusic, Ashley Curtis, John Sakulich +8 others
  • 2006
[1] Monsoon droughts, which often coincide with El Niño warm events, can have profound impacts on the populations of Southeast Asia. Improved understanding and prediction of such events can be aided by high-resolution proxy climate records, but these are scarce for the tropics. Here we reconstruct the boreal autumn (October –November) Palmer Drought(More)
(2010). Tuning the acid/base properties of nanocarbons by functionalization via amination. (2011). Knowledge-based development of a nitrate-free synthesis route for Cu/ZnO methanol synthesis catalysts via formate precursors. Understanding the complexity of a catalyst synthesis: Co-precipitation of mixed Cu,Zn,Al hydroxycarbonate precursors for Cu/ZnO/Al2O3(More)
[1] The multi‐stage eruption of the Icelandic volcano Laki beginning in June, 1783 is speculated to have caused unusual dry fog and heat in western Europe and cold in North America during the 1783 summer, and record cold and snow the subsequent winter across the circum‐North Atlantic. Despite the many indisputable impacts of the Laki eruption, however, its(More)
  • D Akcakayiran, D Mauder, C Hess, T K Sievers, D G Kurth, I Shenderovich +19 others
  • 2010
Dynamic surface rearrangement and thermal stability of nitrogen functional groups on carbon nanotubes. A micro-structured quartz reactor for kinetic and in situ spectroscopic studies in heterogeneous catalysis. Copéret: Mononuclear ruthenium hydride species versus ruthenium nanoparticles: the effect of silane functionalities on silica surfaces.
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