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Many studies of climate variability in the Tropical Ocean have used high-resolution chemical tracer records contained in coral skeletons. The complex architecture of coral skeletons may lead to the possibility of biases in coral records and it is therefore important to access the fidelity of coral geochemical records as environmental proxies. Coral skeletal(More)
This study tested the hypothesis that corals of the same species, but of varying size and shape, may respond differently to thermal stress because of different mass transfer capacities. High mass transfer rates are an advantage under thermal stress, and mass transfer rates are assumed to scale with size. Yet large, corymbose Acropora colonies are more(More)
This paper describes a low-noise low-offset signal conditioning circuit with a feature of canceling an offset voltage caused by sensor elements. A Wheatstone bridge with sensor elements such as piezoresistors usually has an offset voltage due to the mismatch of resistors. In order to reduce or cancel this offset voltage, a DC voltage corresponding to the(More)
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