R. Anthony Reynolds

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The particulate scattering, b p , and backscatter-ing, b bp , coefficients are determined by the concentration and physical properties of suspended particles in the ocean. They provide a simple description of the influence of these particles on the scattering of light within the water column. For the remote observation of ocean color, b bp along with the(More)
Phytoplankton blooms over Arctic Ocean continental shelves are thought to be restricted to waters free of sea ice. Here, we document a massive phytoplankton bloom beneath fully consolidated pack ice far from the ice edge in the Chukchi Sea, where light transmission has increased in recent decades because of thinning ice cover and proliferation of melt(More)
Galactokinase (GK; EC is the first enzyme in the metabolism of galactose. In humans, GK deficiency results in congenital cataracts due to an accumulation of galactitol within the lens. In an attempt to make a galactosemic animal model, we cloned the mouse GK gene (Glk1) and disrupted it by gene targeting. As expected, galactose was very poorly(More)
The algorithm presented for polygon scan conversion is very fast and can replace the standard version in any application. Special requirements from medical data sets illustrate its practicality and versatility. The polygon scan conversion problem refers to filling the interior of a region represented by one or more polygons. The polygons are represented by(More)
BACKGROUND Treatments for femoral fractures in children vary widely and have been investigated only in case series. We did a multicentre randomised trial to compare malunion rates after external fixation and after early application of a hip spica cast for paediatric femoral shaft fractures. METHODS All children aged 4-10 years with femoral fractures,(More)