R. Annunziata

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Poly(amidoamine) (PAA) networks that are obtained by the use of cystamine as a cross-linking agent in the reaction with 2,2'-dithiodipyridine turn into linear PAAs with dithiopyridyl side groups that easily undergo an exchange reaction with thiocholesterol. The resultant products represent the first examples of amphiphilic PAA-cholesterol conjugates in(More)
A series of structurally simple pyridine N-oxides have readily been assembled from inexpensive amino acids and tested as organocatalysts in the allylation of aldehydes with allyl(trichloro)silane to afford homoallylic alcohols. (S)-proline-based catalysts afforded the products derived from aromatic aldehydes in fair to good yields and in up to 84%(More)
Two series of conformationally restricted polycyclic compounds (1-3 and 4-7) have been synthesized as model systems for studying the through-space interactions between face-to-face, center-to-edge (parallel-offset) oriented arenes. These compounds feature different X substituents on one of the interacting rings. By monitoring the variation of the delta Gz(More)
Continuous-flow organocatalyzed Diels-Alder reactions have been performed with excellent enantioselectivity for the first time in a chiral "homemade" HPLC column, packed with silica on which a MacMillan catalyst has been supported by a straightforward immobilization procedure. The versatility of the system was also proven by running with the same column(More)
A model for studying polar-pi interactions between arenes spaced at van der Waals distances is developed on the basis of peri-diarylbiphenylenes. A set of 1,8-diarylbiphenylenes is synthesized comprising two Hammett series, one with reference to mesityl ring interactions and the other with reference to pentafluorophenyl ring interactions. X-Ray crystal(More)
An efficient organocatalytic methodology has been developed to perform the stereoselective addition of 2-carboxythioesters-1,3-dithiane to nitroalkenes. Under mild reaction conditions γ-nitro-β-aryl-α-keto esters with up to 92% ee were obtained, realizing a formal catalytic stereoselective conjugate addition of the glyoxylate anion synthon. The reaction(More)
The BF3.OEt2 or LiClO4 catalyzed hetero Diels-Alder reaction of 1-methoxy-3-(trimethylsilyloxy)-1,3-butadiene (Danishefsky's diene) with enantiomerically pure 4-formylazetidin-2-ones affords the corresponding cycloadducts in fair to good yields and in diastereoisomeric ratios of up to 98:2.
The synthesis of chiral imidazolidinones on mesoporous silica nanoparticles, exploiting two different anchoring sites and two different linkers, is reported. Catalysts 1-4 were prepared starting from l-phenylalanine or l-tyrosine methyl esters and supporting the imidazolidinone onto silica by grafting protocols or azide-alkyne copper(I)-catalyzed(More)
Simple model systems based on the [3,3]metaparacyclophane skeleton have been designed to study the effect of fluorination of the "face" ring on the edge-to-face (EtF) interactions with the C(Ar)-H bond of a phenyl ring or the nitrogen lone-pair of pyridine. Calculations established that in their more stable conformation the model systems adopt a tilted EtF(More)