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Two series of conformationally restricted polycyclic compounds (1-3 and 4-7) have been synthesized as model systems for studying the through-space interactions between face-to-face, center-to-edge (parallel-offset) oriented arenes. These compounds feature different X substituents on one of the interacting rings. By monitoring the variation of the delta Gz(More)
Poly(amidoamine) (PAA) networks that are obtained by the use of cystamine as a cross-linking agent in the reaction with 2,2'-dithiodipyridine turn into linear PAAs with dithiopyridyl side groups that easily undergo an exchange reaction with thiocholesterol. The resultant products represent the first examples of amphiphilic PAA-cholesterol conjugates in(More)
Continuous-flow organocatalyzed Diels-Alder reactions have been performed with excellent enantioselectivity for the first time in a chiral "homemade" HPLC column, packed with silica on which a MacMillan catalyst has been supported by a straightforward immobilization procedure. The versatility of the system was also proven by running with the same column(More)
A model for studying polar-pi interactions between arenes spaced at van der Waals distances is developed on the basis of peri-diarylbiphenylenes. A set of 1,8-diarylbiphenylenes is synthesized comprising two Hammett series, one with reference to mesityl ring interactions and the other with reference to pentafluorophenyl ring interactions. X-Ray crystal(More)
An efficient organocatalytic methodology has been developed to perform the stereoselective addition of 2-carboxythioesters-1,3-dithiane to nitroalkenes. Under mild reaction conditions γ-nitro-β-aryl-α-keto esters with up to 92% ee were obtained, realizing a formal catalytic stereoselective conjugate addition of the glyoxylate anion synthon. The reaction(More)
A series of structurally simple pyridine N-oxides have readily been assembled from inexpensive amino acids and tested as organocatalysts in the allylation of aldehydes with allyl(trichloro)silane to afford homoallylic alcohols. (S)-proline-based catalysts afforded the products derived from aromatic aldehydes in fair to good yields and in up to 84%(More)
A comprehensive structural characterisation of cross-linked insoluble poly(amidoamine) (PAA) networks was performed by high-resolution magic angle spinning (HRMAS) NMR spectroscopy. Model samples with 20%, 40% and 80% cross-linking degrees were prepared and the best conditions to obtain high-resolution spectra in the gel phase determined. Whereas the(More)
A new and efficient synthesis of a beta-lactam that is an advanced precursor of inhibitors of thrombin and tryptase is reported. The reaction sequence is based on the use of an inexpensive enantiomerically pure starting material and is designed to allow access to both enantiomers of the target molecules by epimerization of a side-product obtained along the(More)
New enantiomerically pure macrocycles have been prepared by combining 1,10-phenanthroline 2,9-dicarboxylic acid and two alpha-amino-acids linked through spacers. Different diamine linkers have been employed in order to modify the dimensions and the properties of the macrocycles whose structures have been studied by 1H and 13C NMR spectroscopy. The ability(More)