R. Andrew Ohana

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The most critical stage in initiation of melanoma metastasis is the radial to vertical growth transition, yet the triggers of this transition remain elusive. We suggest that the microenvironment drives melanoma metastasis independently of mutation acquisition. Here we examined the changes in microenvironment that occur during melanoma radial growth. We show(More)
Although most animal cells contain centrosomes, consisting of a pair of centrioles, their precise contribution to cell division and embryonic development is unclear. Genetic ablation of STIL, an essential component of the centriole replication machinery in mammalian cells, causes embryonic lethality in mice around mid gestation associated with defective(More)
We produce an explicit parameterization of well-rounded sublattices of the hexagonal lattice in the plane, splitting them into similarity classes. We use this parameterization to study the number, the greatest minimal norm, and the highest signal-to-noise ratio of well-rounded sublattices of the hexagonal lattice of a fixed index. This investigation(More)
Dysfunction of the retinal pigmented epithelium (RPE) results in degeneration of photoreceptors and vision loss and is correlated with common blinding disorders in humans. Although many protein-coding genes are known to be expressed in RPE and are important for its development and maintenance, virtually nothing is known about the in vivo roles of non-coding(More)
Kepler’s Conjecture, recently proved by T. Hales, states that the densest packing of spheres in 3-space has spheres centered along the face-centered cubic (fcc) lattice. A lattice is a free Z-module formed by taking the span of a collection of linearly independent vectors in R over the integers. The two-dimensional analogue of Kepler’s Conjecture, proved by(More)
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